Welcome to the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network

We provide you, the entrepreneur, with services that will aid you in creating a successful business venture. Whether you are in the idea generation phase or have your business up and running, we want to help you make your business a success as you make your dreams come true!

Since 1995, EDN has provided support, inspiration, networking, and learning opportunities to thousands of entrepreneurs with disabilities. By reinforcing the belief that entrepreneurship is a viable career option for people with disabilities, EDN has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow and develop their businesses.  EDN is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, living with any type of disability, in every stage of business development. Nova Scotia is EDN’s primary focus, with member business ranging from accountants, artists, inventors, writers, store owners, graphic designers, and countless other types of small business owners.

EDN is a not-for-profit organization; please contact us to learn more about how we can assist with your business aspirations.