Our Team

Brian Aird – Executive Director

_JP05519 Brian Aird brings to his role of Executive Director of EDN a varied career that has included 12 years of running his own business and eight years as a provider of services supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

Brian combines his open and creative mind with his dedication to collaborative partnerships. Through operating his own ventures and working in a variety of businesses, Brian has experienced and understands many of the challenges of entrepreneurship. As a service provider to entrepreneurs he has experienced and understands many of the intricacies involved in effectively serving members and participants.

Brian has two children, enjoys biking and he thrives on participating in varied discussions over a fresh cup of coffee at any of his favorite cafes.

Archie Gillis – Business Counselling Coordinator

Archie GillisArchie Gillis has been working as the full-time Business Counselling Coordinator with EDN since 2006.  In this role he provides one-on-one business counseling, plans workshops and events, links entrepreneurs with other business partners/professionals and much more.

In his own business endeavours he has successfully engineered, patented and tested new products that include musical instrument innovations, computer hardware and software applications and even bio-medical devices and processes.

In his free time he plays music with a number of groups and as a solo performer.

 Redempta Ishimwe- Project Coordinator

Redempta pictureRedempta Ishimwe is a co-op student from Saint Mary’s University who is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Global Business Management. As an international student originally from Rwanda, she enjoys the privilege of being part of the Nova Scotia community and spends her time exploring the province and making friends.

Redempta’s Entrepreneurial attitude is what drove her to EDN. She strongly believes that anyone can create or innovate something better with what they have. Redempta has developed a solid set of technical and soft skills through both her academic and volunteer work which she applies daily to serve EDN members, along side Brian and Archie. She looks forward to leading more independent projects, and supporting innovative ideas.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, reaching out to her family, hiking and travelling to different places.