Top Level Domain Names

On September 24th, EDN hosted a workshop to discuss strategies for EDN entrepreneurs to use some of the new top level domain names that are being released.

For the first part of the workshop, Archie Gillis, Business Counselling Coordinator at EDN, covered basic information about what Top Level Domain Names are and how they can be purchased on-line for business use. As an example, a generic top level domain name is the name of an Internet address that identifies it generically as associated with .music, .training, .cab, .etc.  Alternatively some country code top level domain name examples would include .ca (Canada), .au (Australia), etc.  There are numerous other TLDs, but the focus of discussion was the new generic type.

Archie then proceeded to show EDN members how to search and register a new domain name for their business by using domain name registration websites such as and If your dream domain name is already registered, Archie discussed how to use to find out who is the owner of your dream domain name and how to buy it from the owner. was also mentioned as a means for finding out when new domains will be open to the public for purchasing!

By the end of the workshop, Archie also shared some interesting and unique domain names that he registered earlier with the group and helped EDN members to search some of their domain name ideas.